Lori Jacobwith

Master storyteller, speaker, trainer and author, Lori L. Jacobwith has a passion for the positive. Her strategies & tools have helped organizations to collectively raise $200 million from individual donors over the past decade. She has coached & trained thousands across North America to more money and powerfully share their stories. In 2013 Lori created the Imagine What’s Possible Step-by-Step Storytelling System for nonprofits who want to raise more money from individual donors with ease.

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Spreading Your Mission, One Moment at a Time

A “mission moment” is a tiny, powerful example of how your organization is making an impact. Mission moments put a face on what you do. They are stories and examples that can be repeated by others because they are short and inspiring.

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Nonprofit Storytelling: Seven Tips for Sharing Stories About Your Work

With nonprofit storytelling, a great story versus a good story can make the difference between keeping your donors and volunteers connected or losing them to the next good cause. Make sure to put a face on your work every day.

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How to Tell a Great Story: Use Real-Life Examples

The magic of nonprofit storytelling is in the content of the story. Everyone has at least one story to share – their own. And we usually have lots of other “real life examples” of the amazing work being done at our organizations.

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Where Can Nonprofits Find Good Stories to Share?

When I ask a nonprofit staffer or board member to talk about the impact of their work I’m often met with a “deer in the headlights” look of fear. Here’s how to find the magic in nonprofit storytelling.