5 Tips on Finding Board Members Through LinkedIn Board Connect

Sometimes keeping up-to-date on your myriad of social networking sites can get exhausting. You check your tweets, update your Facebook and filter your favorite daily picture on Instagram. You think you’re up-to-date—until you realize that you have 30 new tweets on your feed.

The social networking game can be daunting, but in many ways it can advance you professionally. LinkedIn, for example, has proven to be an ideal source for nonprofits seeking board members via LinkedIn Board Connect.

One way to make LinkedIn Board Connect work for your nonprofit is to be specific in what you’re looking for in a board member. Evaluate your board, find the holes and try to fill those holes by outlining them on LinkedIn.

For four more ways to find board members via LinkedIn, click the link below.

5 Ways to Make LinkedIn Board Connect Work for Your Nonprofit [Beth’s Blog]