Don’t Throw Your Nonprofit Board Members’ Donations into the Garbage

Your nonprofit’s board members should be some of the most invested donors for your nonprofit. They have a lot of influence on your organization, so it’s only natural that they should be donating on a consistent basis.

Hold the phone—that doesn’t mean you should be hounding them for money and wasting your “asks.” Constantly asking them about small donations only makes them tired of pitching in. Rather than bugging them all of the time, save up your “asks” for an important donation that will greatly affect your nonprofit’s mission.

Learn more about how to not waste your nonprofit board members’ donations by following the link below.

How to Waste Your Board Member’s Donations [Nonprofit Chas]

  • Interesting post. I’ve seen many nonprofits rely too heavily (or completely rely) on board donations, and it rarely works as a long term strategy. At the same time, its quite an investment for a small nonprofit to spend the time and money created a thorough funding plan. Unfortunately, its necessary for long term growth and success. Good post.