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How to Remove a Nonprofit Board Member

Behind involved, dedicated and committed board of directors, your nonprofit can achieve great things. However, when board members aren’t all pulling their weight, they can sink an organization. When the bad outweighs the good, nonprofits can’t be afraid to remove a nonprofit board members, especially when they are ineffective.

Board of Directors Featured

Build Your Nonprofit Budget Like a Boss in 7 Easy Steps

Creating your budget isn’t as simple as copy and pasting last year’s numbers. Instead, it should be an event that your whole team buys into and forecasts where the money will come from and go during the next year.

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The Nonprofit Board Question You’ve All Probably Asked

How many of you out there have actually had this thought cross your mind: “Do we really need a board?”

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Are You Following or Leading at Your Nonprofit?

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew what to do—what’s more you knew the right thing to do—but your efforts were getting bogged down by the higher-ups?

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Maximizing Meetings: 3 M’s to Make Event Committee Meetings Meaningful

Sometimes meetings make you want to tear your hair out. But maximizing meetings is easy when you keep these three M’s in mind.

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When Your Powers Combine: Why Nonprofit Mergers Should Not Be Feared

Nonprofits are all working toward the same purpose, but when they come together they can achieve more. This teamwork is manifested through partnerships, management agreements or even a full-fledged merger.

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Real Life Board Experience—Confessions of a Newbie

Communication is the staple of a stellar nonprofit board. Unfortunately, board member communication is also the hardest part about being on a board.

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[MCON 2015] The Problem With Nonprofits ‘Non-Yesterday’

There is a problem with nonprofits today. Or as Eric Weinheimer might say, there is a problem with nonprofits “non-yesterday, non-tomorrow.” (a.k.a. today) Could something as simple as the title of our sector be crippling industry growth? As Weinheimer, the CEO of Donors Forum, explained, the term nonprofit is “inaccurate, it’s not who we are….

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When Nonprofits Should Consider a Merger

There are two sides to every coin on why nonprofits merge. The process of a merger is too laborious to make any rash decisions, so here are a range of scenarios for when nonprofits should consider a merger.

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FIFA, Bogus Cancer Charities Illustrate Danger of Unchecked Finances

The FIFA scandal is just one recent example of leadership gone bad. Ideally, you’ll realize leadership has gone bad long before criminal investigations happen.