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[PODCAST] Donor Relationships, Donor Retention and Donor Choice | Ft. Adrian Sargeant

It goes without saying that retaining donors can be the biggest deterrent to success for your organization. Making change starts with donor relationships.

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Nonprofits Fail at Following Through and It’s Time to Fix It [Part One]

Nonprofit follow-through is one of the easiest ways to gain and retain donors. Unfortunately, nonprofits often fail at following through. Let’s change that.

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Nonprofit Experts Weigh In: Their Best Data Tips

We’re bringing you the best nonprofit data tips from the people who advise or work in the nonprofit trenches every day. See what their best tips are to get started or master your data collection and management.

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The Secret Sauce of Fundraising Success

The purpose of a donor database is to enable and ensure the proper funding for your organization’s mission. Any and all progress made with new or tried and true donors starts with keeping a detailed donor database to better your lines of communication and increase your donor retention rates.

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Put Donors First—Tips to Succeed

You need donors for your organization to survive. Apply these tips from Fundraising Strategist Maeve Strathy to keep donors successfully coming back to give.

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How to Access and Use Big Data in the Nonprofit World

Business Intelligence tools of the corporate sector are now accessible to nonprofits. So where do you start?

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Nonprofit Communications: Are They Helping You Build Relationships?

How exactly is a communication plan crucial to your nonprofit? Today, we’re talking about relationships and how your communication plan can make or break the connections you make with your constituents.

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3 Ways to Ruin Your Donor Database Before Entering Any Data

Any fundraiser who has ever used a donor database knows what a nightmare it can be if their nonprofit’s donor data is messy, inconsistent, inaccessible or nonexistent.

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List-Pulling Worksheet: Download for Your Next Mailing

We created a list-pulling worksheet for your organization to use the next time you have multiple people working on a project. Simply print it out.

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Pull that List: Donor Management Tips and Tricks

An email marketing campaign or direct mail piece can’t succeed without a great list. And donor management shouldn’t have to be hard.