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Staying on the Same Page: Communication Tools for Nonprofits

Communication is key to stay on top of your game. Here are a handful of communication tools we’ve been using and raving about.

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Donor Retention 101: Master Donor Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to meet donors where they’re at and keep them connected. Being timely is vital, and often email is the most efficient option for a first touch.

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3 Simple Tricks to Improve Email Marketing

Here’s how to improve email marketing and keep your strategy in top form once you have a decent size list built and potential supporter emails captured.

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How to Win at Email

Taking time to spruce up your emails can do wonders. We have five quick tips that make all the difference once you press send.

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How to Get People to Give a Damn About Your E-Newsletter

Getting people to opt into a daily or weekly email is a major challenge—because guess what? No one cares about your damn e-newsletter.

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6 Tips for Creating Engaging Email Newsletters

How can you create a newsletter that keeps your audience engaged and delivers the maximum results? Use these six tips to become an email newsletter pro.

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The 10 Elements of an Effective Fundraising Email Appeal

There are 10 main elements of an email appeal that we can test, and there’s insight to be gleaned from each one.

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How the Autism Society of North Carolina Gets The Message Out with Email Marketing

For a nonprofit organization, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to spread the word about a cause, promote a call to action, and inspire philanthropy. It can be a key factor in staying connected with volunteers, donors, and even staff.

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5 Ways to Make Your Email Fundraising Appeals Sound More Human

If you’re a nonprofit, chances are you are sending an email fundraising appeal this month. Email is one of the largest sources of online fundraising revenue.

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6 Email Marketing Hacks to Increase Open Rates

Do you have an email newsletter that’s flat-lining? Are you experiencing abysmal open rates? Harrowing click through rates? It’s time to revamp your e-newsletter and get it back on its feet.