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Getting the Most Out of Your Online Forms

Online forms can help your nonprofit help others—whether you use them to improve your bottom line, acquire talented new workers, throw fundraising events or add members.

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Why Nonprofits Need More Than Just a Responsive Website Design

There’s no doubt that in order to secure more donations for your organization, your website needs a responsive website design. But don’t stop there. Here’s why you need to keep focusing on mobile.

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Digital Strategy and Your NPO [INFOGRAPHIC]

We live in a technologically advanced world. But we aren’t taking full advantage of it, according to the 2015 Digital Outlook Report by Care2, hjc and NTEN.

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This Post Isn’t About You—And Your Donor Communications Aren’t, Either

Let’s talk about Tom Ahern’s method, the “You Test,” and see what works and what misses the mark with your donor communications.

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How Your Nonprofit’s Email Marketing Messages Can Avoid the Spam Folder

In nonprofit email marketing, there’s not much worse than creating an engaging campaign, building a compelling message and it ending up in the junk folder.

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The Truth About Email Graphics

Depending on which email client a person uses, there could be a default setting that automatically turns off the display of email graphics.

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Why Viral Marketing Should Motivate, Not Manipulate

Viral marketing campaigns don’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, the simpler the better.

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Why the New Gmail Unsubscribe Feature Does Not Spell Doom

Send lots of emails? Worried about Gmail’s new unsubscribe feature? Read this.

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Three Ways to Mix Up Your Nonprofit Email Marketing Strategy

Use humor. That’s right. Even with a serious cause there are ways to incorporate humor into your nonprofit email marketing strategy. Take for example in their ask email below:

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Stand Out from the Blur of the Internet with a Nonprofit Newsletter

The nature of the internet has spawned a recent internet user trend: rise in popularity of e-newsletters. Among the blizzard of distractions, newsletters are a compact method of getting information on exactly what you want.