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A Brief History of Nonprofit Organizations (And What We Can Learn)

Every couple of decades, a new era ushers in a new set of ideas, principles and practices that affect how the nonprofit sector functions.

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How to Stop Donor Attrition and Track Relevance

If you find a donor and don’t plan for how to keep him or her, the costs are too high.

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[Essential Read] How to Turn Your Words into Money

If you could turn words into money, you’d probably be writing up a storm. Jeff Brooks’ How to Turn Your Words Into Money is a book about what fundraising writing should be and also what it’s not. Brooks tells you exactly what to avoid and what to try in your next attempt to sway your audience. A fair…

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What Should You do with Lousy Board Members? Simone Joyaux Gives Pointers.

There are no quick fixes or silver bullets for turning around bad board member performance. The good news is there are answers.

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How to Chart Donor Cultivation to Reach Fundraising Success

The term “donor cultivation” has the unique distinction of being universally accepted and appreciated but poorly understood and abysmally applied.

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The Reason You Shouldn’t Like Your Donor Message

Simply put, if you like your donor message, your donor won’t. Read on to find out why.

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How to Fundraise with a Hot or Cold Board

Your nonprofit board could be incredibly warm or all-too cold toward fundraising. Which is it?

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Donors or Investors: How Do You Appeal to Them Differently?

Asking Rights is a book about how to successfully fund your nonprofit and do so with a greater focus on the funder’s interests and motivations.

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Donor Behavior Shows Longer Fundraising Messages Actually Work Better

Writing fundraising messages is not merely a derivative of commercial marketing, academic writing or business prose. It’s a highly specialized and nuanced technique

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Ways to Plug Your Leaky Fundraising Bucket

A leaky bucket could be contributing to your fundraising dollars trickling out. How does your nonprofit measure up?