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Program Sustainability is Not Just About Funding

More than ever, program sustainability is a concern for nonprofits and the grantmaking organizations that fund them. It’s been estimated that up to 40% of all new social programs do not last long beyond their initial funding.

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[PODCAST] Storytelling as Mission Moments | Ft. Lori Jacobwith

Storytelling is a major buzzword among blogs and thought leaders around the sector. Lori Jacobwith explains how to go deeper and tell our mission moments.

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Start With Why: How to Improve your Nonprofit Messaging

For nonprofits to be successful at generating money from both fundraising and earned income, you must communicate effectively. Simon says, start with why.

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[PODCAST] Earned Revenue for Nonprofits | Ft. Vu Le

Vu Le sat down with us in this episode to talk about all sides of finding and implementing earned income and earned revenue for nonprofits.

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Continued Success: Refocusing for the New Year

Year-end fundraising goals and nonprofit success rates go up when the strategy is set well in advance. Reflect on last year and prepare for next.

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[PODCAST] Donor Cultivation and Fundraising Faux Pas Pt. 2 | Ft. Steven Shattuck

Often times as nonprofits, we tend to think about our donors as more of an ATM, rather than an MVP. This is where NPOs need better donor cultivation.

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End-of-Year Giving: Google Search Trends Show Big Opportunities for Nonprofits

Your post #GivingTuesday strategy should include converting one-time donors into avid supporters with solid follow-up and increase traffic with good SEO.

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4 Ways to Prevent Nonprofit Burnout

Working at a nonprofit can feel like being in a pressure cooker. Overworking will steal your ability to focus and zap your energy. Here’s how to prevent nonprofit burnout.

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7 Ingenious Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money Online

Fundraising can be a rewarding experience, but it can be challenging even at the best of times. Here are some fundraising ideas to streamline the process.

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[PODCAST] Donor Conversion: From Mid to Major | Ft. Maeve Strathy

The tactics for donor conversion from the mid to major level may surprise you, but are tried-and-true ways to perfect your fundraising strategy.