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Five Steps to Budget Your Marketing and Donor Communications Dollars

Marketing and donor communications are similar, but not the same. Know the difference and when to invest and when to do it yourself for a stellar strategy.

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10 Partnership Outreach Tips For Nonprofits

Partnership outreach is one of the most difficult parts to gaining more visibility and financial stability, among other perks that come with partnerships.

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Cause Camp Recap: When It’s Okay to Think Inside the Box

The saying “think outside the box” should be a first-ballot inductee in the Overused Cliché Hall of Fame. Often the answer is right there, inside the box.

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[LIVE PODCAST] Your Fundraising Fix, Tips & Tricks

During day one, we got our fundraising fix, as John Rood, John Haydon, Steven Shattuck and Tom Ahern discussed everything from storytelling to donor fatigue, donor retention and getting your board on board with fundraising.

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Text-to-Give Fundraising: Making the Most Out of Mobile

Mobile giving is on the rise, and there’s no platform more prevalent than text-to-give fundraising. Here’s how to make the most of it.

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The Easy Guide to Understanding Charity Auction Software

If you have the time and resources to pull off an auction, using the right charity auction software effectively is key to success.

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[Infographic] Guide to Organizing the Perfect Fundraiser

This infographic offers some good tips on how to organize the perfect fundraiser so that the public will want to donate to your cause not just once, but repeatedly.

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Three Elements of Transformational Fundraising

These three elements are the basis of a transformational, rather than transactional, style of fundraising.

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4 Nonprofits That Gamified Their Funding (and Tips for You to Copy)

Making donating fun encourages people to come back, and repeat donations are vital. Check out these ideas for tips on how to make donating more appealing.

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Cause Camp Highlight: The Way We Think About Charity is Wrong

Dan Pallotta got things movin’ and shakin’ for day one of Cause Camp. Here’s a quick recap!