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Report: Rural-Based Organizations Receive Fewer Grants than Urban NPOs

According to a report issued by the United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service, rural-based organizations received just 5.5 percent of the real value of domestic grants from 2005 to 2010.

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How to Take the Blind Date Out of Grant Writing

Grant writing is not an easy venture. Foundations and companies want to know all about your company and you want to put your best foot forward. However, it shouldn’t be a blind date. If you can work to make sure that your first contact with the grantor does not happen when they are reading your grant application, your chances of receiving a grant improve.

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Finding Your Perfect Love: Grant Writing Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

Grant writing is a lot like dating in college (I’m definitely speaking from experience here). You don’t go out on one date and call it good. You go on many dates—some are duds and some are worth further investigation. You don’t write one grant and expect it to end like a fairytale.

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The One Secret to Winning Foundation Grants

When it comes to winning foundation grants, many otherwise intelligent people believe that there are *secret* writing tactics to writing funded grant proposals, when, in reality, the truth about winning foundation support for your mission is simple.

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Happy Grant Professionals Week—Our Top 5 Grant Writing Articles

It’s International Grant Professionals Week. That’s why we’re throwing it back to some of our favorite grant writing tips and information.

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Tell Me a Story: How to Use Interviews to Enhance Your Grant Proposals

Storytelling is a great way to liven up your grant proposals, capture your readers’ attention and add more emotional connection to your cause. There are several ways to collect these stories, but the best way is to conduct interviews with people that have benefited from your nonprofit’s work.

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Six Small Tips to Consider in the Grant Writing Process

There are plenty of big time issues we must deal with in the grant writing process. Do we have all our figures correct? Is the wording too… well, wordy? For all the big things we focus on, there are small aspects we can combover by accident. One thing we can do is to speak with…

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Hitting All the Right Notes to Make Your Grant Proposal Sing

There are three, ever-so-important all-too-vital characteristics of crafting that perfect grant proposal; Impact, empathy and risk. We’ve all ran the gamut of emotions when giving to a charitable cause. What good will this donation do? How did the story affect me? Can this be trusted? It’s all right there in black and white. We rationalize…

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The Grant Writing Checklist—7 Qualities That Ensure a Great Proposal

Writing a grant proposal can be a quick way to cause instant stress. Worrying about every single detail, making sure to include the right information for the specific grant, being clear of our intent. There’s plenty of stressors that go into the process. But slowing it down and looking at the main characteristics of a…

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The Top 10 from 2013—Your Favorite Nonprofit Articles of the Year

Another wild and exciting year is on the downhill slopes. Don’t worry, we promise just as much excitement in 2014. And this holiday season, our gift to you is the gift of knowledge… again. You’ve already seen these articles (we promise it’s not regifting), but we’ve put your favorites all in one easy place to…