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10 Dos and Don’ts of Conducting Survey Research

If somebody told you that improving your organization was as easy as finding, tracking and utilizing the right data, wouldn’t you do it? Now you can with these 10 dos and don’ts.

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How to Make Sure Your Nonprofit Isn’t Dissolved

Starting a nonprofit is intimidating—but what’s scarier is seeing it go. Between rules and complications, it might seem like the odds are stacked against your organization. With a dose of helpful knowledge, though, you can be equipped for whatever comes your way.

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The 501(h) Election and What It Means for You

There’s a simple one-page form that can save you a ton of time and stress if your organization does some sort of legislative lobbying. Form 5768, more popularly known as the 501(h) election or the expenditure test, can do wonders for your lobbying efforts.

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Why Leadership is the Real Elicitor of Major Gifts

People give to people. It’s not such a bold, innovating statement—but it’s one we often forget. As fundraisers, it’s a statement that should be engrained in our heads.

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Why a Zero-Based Budget Isn’t a Good Budget

Many nonprofits think zero-based budgeting is the way to go, but just because you aren’t making a profit doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have safeguards in place. Here’s why.

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Five Trends Shaping a New Reality for Nonprofits

Learn about the five trends that are shaping a new reality for nonprofits everywhere.

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Using a Matrix Map to View Impact and Profitability

Simply put, the matrix map allows organizations to view both their impact and profitability at the same time.

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Nonprofit Communications: Are They Helping You Build Relationships?

How exactly is a communication plan crucial to your nonprofit? Today, we’re talking about relationships and how your communication plan can make or break the connections you make with your constituents.

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How to Build a Better Board and Staff Relationship

There’s one thing that simply can’t be put on the backburner if you want your organization to run more effectively—the relationship between your nonprofit board chair and your organization’s CEO.

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10 Secrets to Increase Nonprofit Compensation

You know that there are non-monetary rewards of working in a nonprofit. Check out these 10 secrets to enrich the employee-employer relationship.