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The Anatomy of an Ask [INFOGRAPHIC]

One wrong move and the alarms … will … sound. Sound epic? That’s because it is. When you were a kid, shaky and uncertain hands would make the alarms sound in the game “Operation.” Brush up against the side of the game and your turn was over. And as a nonprofit professional today, the game…

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The Map to Infographic Success: Five Simple Steps [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s easy to write a blog post, email newsletter or just share another NPO’s articles—but those can often get overlooked. Here’s how to use infographics to throw a curveball in the way you share information with your constituents and potential donors.

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The Importance of Nonprofit Storytelling [VIDEO INFOGRAPHIC]

What is it about stories that captivate us so? When we were little, story time was one of the best parts about school. It was a time of endless imagination and creativity. As we got older, other types of stories continued to move us to tears, make us smile or strike some other emotional chord….

Featured Fundraising Infographics Nonprofit Marketing

Why Online Fundraising is the Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re familiar with the 2013 Nonprofit eBenchmarks Study, you know that online fundraising isn’t just for the future: it’s important for your nonprofit right now. Fundraising online isn’t a channel that exists in isolation from direct mail, word of mouth and event-based fundraising: it makes each of them stronger! The web makes connecting easier–before…

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The Secret to Motivating Your Nonprofit Employees WITHOUT Money

Let’s say that your nonprofit doesn’t have a big enough budget to pay your hard-working staff as much as you’d like (nor as much as they deserve). We know, we know–it takes a real stretch of the imagination to imagine a nonprofit being in such a position. Well, here’s a happy secret: money, while important,…