7 Tips to Build Landing Pages that Convert to Donations

A donation landing page can help transform your nonprofit’s website. While it might not completely make or break you, it can help you capitalize on people who visit your site and are interested in specific aspects of your nonprofit. Check out our list of seven tips you can use to transform your landing pages to…


How to Boost Online Donations with Any Holiday

Holidays have everybody in good spirits. And how could you not have heightened spirits when you have time off of work and you get to relax and spend time with family and friends? It’s the prime time to reach out to new donors, or even to reconnect with those who have donated in the past….


Special Bonus Video: The 5 Elements of a Perfect Nonprofit Website

Hey NHU students! As a bonus, we’d like to share a video of our friend Jay Wilkinson, one of our close friends and guest writers. We love Jay because he’s an AMAZING resource for how to make a website great. His company, Firespring, is one of our founding sponsors, and they make a point of…

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The Most Troubling Aspect of Nonprofit Leadership

Leading a nonprofit can be one of the most challenging callings. Not only do nonprofit executive directors need to report to the board and staff, they also have responsibility for their mission which is usually not the one funding the organization. So nonprofit leaders have to figure out fundraising too.

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The Top Data Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

We’re taking a look at the top responses that prevent organizations from utilizing data and provided solutions for overcoming them; because no matter the challenges it poses, data is worth the work.


Improving Online Fundraising: 4 Steps to Use Analytics to Raise More Money

So you’ve created an online donor page. Awesome! Now what? 1. First, define your biggest goal. Obviously, your goals are about donations in some form or another. But which of these metrics is most important to improve at your organization? Number of donors Average gift amount Number of NEW donors Donor Lifetime Value (how much…


5 Essentials for Online Fundraising from the St. Baldrick’s Team

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is an amazing nonprofit who works to promote childhood cancer research. In 2012, St. Baldrick’s raised an astounding $33 million in donations to fight childhood cancer. How did St. Baldrick’s Foundation start? In 1999, three colleagues were sitting around, brainstorming ways to use their business success to make a difference in…


Mailing List Management, Email Marketing & Newsletters

While there are hundreds and hundreds of options for email marketing (nonprofit or otherwise), here are a few of our favorites, including some prices and features (as of January 2014) to compare. Just know that your email marketing success depends more on you getting comfortable with a system and committing to sending remarkable content to…


Fundraising, Online Payments & Donor Management

There are more options than ever for managing online donations. This is both good and bad – good because there are plenty of features and price points for your nonprofit’s (and constituents’) needs, but bad because many of these services are still changing and even shutting down. In other words, don’t just choose your online…


3 Ways to Turn Facebook ‘Likes’ Into Donations

You’ve got the followers, but for some reason you can’t seem to get them clicking the donate button. It’s a frustrating, head-banging, and even a face-palming experience. But you can get past it. Use these tips to help your nonprofit convert those “likes” into donations. 1. Simplify the Process Nobody wants to jump through hoops…