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Plant Your Roots and Watch Them Grow: Creating Brand Evangelists

Every nonprofit wants one thing—to achieve their mission. So what’s going to make your constituent become brand evangelists?

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Nonprofits Need to Find Their Voice and Stick With It

Your website is the face of your organization—what people see online should reflect who your nonprofit is offline. Think of it as a window into the soul of your organization.

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Why Your Nonprofit Doesn’t Need to Compete with the Big Kids

The Karate Kid, Harry Potter, Remember the Titans and Seabiscuit are some of the most classic tales of our time, and they’re stories of underdogs. Stories of people who were told they couldn’t, but proved society wrong and came out victorious. No matter if they’re fact or fiction, these stories should inspire you as nonprofits….

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Back to the Basics—Bucking the Nonprofit Trends of 2015 to Benefit Your Nonprofit Brand

Sure it’s important for your organization to pay attention to some nonprofit trends. But what if your NPO isn’t ready to tackle the nonprofit trends of 2015? Start the year off right by making sure you go back to the basics.

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The Problem with NPOs Using Go-To Geeks for Their Nonprofit Websites

Most organizations need some help when it comes to nonprofit websites.
Even in 2014, many nonprofits are struggling to find their best foot online.

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Why It’s Time to Throw Out Everything You Think You Know About Writing

When it comes to online writing, you should throw out everything you think you know about writing.

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The Importance of Positioning on Websites for Nonprofits

Your website is the face of your organization—what people see online should reflect who you are as a nonprofit. Think of it as a window into the soul of your organization.

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Why Nonprofit Branding Goes Beyond Your Name and Logo

Often times when people think of the brand of a company, they automatically assume you’re talking about logos and graphic design. But branding includes the entirety of how people perceive an organization.

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Wear Your Brand Out: How to Use Clothing to Promote Your Nonprofit

Merchandising, if done properly, can greatly enhance the profile of your nonprofit. It gets your brand and mission out to the public more and isn’t a massive expense. The merchandise can also provide you with an additional revenue stream to help your bottom line. Start small and build from there. Every bit helps in the overall mission of your nonprofit—and if all works well, your organization as a whole.

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How to Rebrand Your Nonprofit (And How to Know When It’s Time)

Rebranding a nonprofit requires a lot of letting go and moving on. But as the wise poet known as Dr. Seuss once said, “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”