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Why Your Nonprofit Website Needs a Stories Section (and How to Do It Right)

Nonprofits have a powerful tool that can be extremely worthwhile when used wisely: storytelling. Let’s learn how to tell stories that resonate with others.

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The Most Common Problem that Nonprofits Face Today

Did you know that of the 88% of nonprofits with a website, nearly three-quarters of them use a low-cost or no-cost solution for their site?

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Nonprofit Website Mistakes: The Problem with a “Do it Cheap” Mentality

Do More With Less—it’s the calling song of the entire nonprofit sector, or so it seems. But you could be making a huge mistake with your nonprofit website.

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Nonprofit Website Mistakes: The Problem with Failing to Research and Plan

I understand how difficult it is for a nonprofit to do proper planning and research. But they’re crucial before building a new nonprofit website.

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Survey: Less Than Half of Nonprofit Websites are Responsive

Google recently announced it was altering its search algorithm to favor mobile-friendly sites. As more users move to mobile devices and tablets, pages need to be responsive and adjust for whatever size they are being displayed. Unfortunately, based on survey results conducted by Nonprofit Hub, nonprofits have a lot of work to do to make sure their websites still appear near the top of the search results on Google.

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The Silver Bullet for Vitality in Websites for Nonprofits

Websites for nonprofits are an organization’s central nervous system. It’s the core center of your brand; everything you do should point back to or be reflected on your site. And the last impression you want to give is that no one’s home. This is where vitality comes in: I define it as “the perception of fresh content.”

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Five Ways to Make Your Nonprofit Landing Pages Crash

Now that you know how to create successful nonprofit landing pages, let’s talk about the pitfalls to avoid.

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Why Nonprofits Need More Than Just a Responsive Website Design

There’s no doubt that in order to secure more donations for your organization, your website needs a responsive website design. But don’t stop there. Here’s why you need to keep focusing on mobile.

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Five Elements of Perfect Nonprofit Landing Pages

On your website, landing pages are where the action happens—at least, that’s the goal. Good nonprofit landing pages make your website a converting machine.

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Tap Into Millennial Potential by Creating a Stellar Website

Millennials are set on making a difference. In fact, only 15 percent of millennials didn’t give to an NPO in 2013. So how do you get even part of that 85 percent to donate to your organization? The answer for your nonprofit is through branding. Yep. I said the words “brand” and “nonprofit” in the…