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Awesome Association Jobs This Week – April 26

Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board!  We focus on jobs in social media,  marketing,  communications,  PR,  advocacy, and digital. ***NOTE THAT EMPLOYERS WHO FOCUS ON CULTURE IN THEIR POSTINGS WILL AUTOMATICALLY JUMP TO THE TOP OF MY LIST! :)*** Web and Digital Marketing Manager, National Association of Landscape Professionals – Are…


Think Volunteers Are More Trouble Than They’re Worth? Think Again

From my first nonprofit job in the 1980s to the present day, I marvel at the commitment of volunteers to so many social good causes across the United States. Even in my somewhat unpopular field of fundraising – how many times have I heard, “I could never do that!” – the Coalition of National and…

Beth Kanter's Blog

How To Facilitate Leadership Development In Your Nonprofit As Part of Doing the Work

Register now! One of the biggest challenges that many nonprofits face is the finding time and resources for professional development activities.   People are so busy doing the work that they don’t have time to go off-site to take a class or sign up for an online course.   And, when nonprofits budgets are tight,…


Can Data Bring Foundations and Nonprofits Closer?

In recent years, we’ve seen a major uptick in organizations across the social good sector looking at data – and how to use data – in new ways. In fact, when I was conducting research for my book Data Driven Nonprofits, I spoke with data champions in a wide variety of organizations across numerous focus…

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Do Your Programs Contribute to Mission AND Money?

There is a tool that I think is incredibly helpful to nonprofit leaders trying to figure out where to focus their resources and how to plan for the future. Indeed it is typically one of the first activities in the strategic planning process I use with my clients. The Program Matrix helps a nonprofit board…


How To Integrate Your Nonprofit Event With A Crowdfunding Campaign

Events are a great way to rally your supporters in-person. But what about those donors that can’t make it? Or how about the people that don’t necessarily have the funds to give during the event itself but can at a later date? You may also have folks that have wandered onto your crowdfunding site, only…


The Only 4 Good Reasons For Organizing a Fundraising Event

The vast majority of nonprofits hold at least one event of some nature every year. For some, events are even more numerous. No matter what kind of events or how often you’re running them, the goal for any organization is to transform the attendee into a life-long supporter of the cause (if they aren’t already…


12 tips for engaging pro bono volunteers

April 24, 2017 12 tips for engaging pro bono volunteers By Jennifer Bennett Share this post In many nonprofit organizations, especially smaller ones, the staff are generalists: good at wearing many hats, and responding to the myriad needs of programs, clients and constituents. But imagine: What you could accomplish if you weren’t limited to the…


When Foundations Collaborate to Solve the World’s Problems

This week, Council on Foundations’ (CoF) annual conference is underway in Dallas, with an agenda focused on a timely theme: leading together. As foundation leaders from across the country gather to share ideas and talk about the future, I’ve been thinking about the concept of leadership. There are many ways to define this big-picture term….

Engaging Volunteers

Add Your Thoughts to Our Volunteer Word Cloud

It’s finally here and we’re so excited! We’re talking about National Volunteer Week — a week-long celebration of the good people and good causes, like yourself, that inspire and support our communities. Skills, energy, care, and passion: these are some of the values that embody volunteers. That’s why this National Volunteer Week, we’re handing the…