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Using Data to Build Better Silent Auctions

Mobile bidding technology is a great way to help you simplify and raise more money at silent auctions. However, an often-overlooked benefit of mobile bidding is the ability to learn from your data. The information that mobile bidding collects is a powerful resource for structuring a better silent auction. Learning from past successes and being…

John Haydon

Why Is Video Content Missing From Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Strategy?

What would you rather do: Watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in a movie theater, or flip through the storyboards? I know the storyboards seem pretty cool, but if you have to choose just one, you’d probably watch the movie. The movie conveys the action, the emotion, and the narrative much more powerfully…


5 common pitfalls to avoid with IT service providers

May 19, 2017 5 common pitfalls to avoid with IT service providers By Anthony Caufield Share this post Using managed IT services can be great for smaller nonprofits but it does come with some risks. It is important to understand some common pitfalls when using managed IT service providers (MSPs) and to ensure you have…

Social Brite

The Friday Edit – Links I’m Loving

fotomica/Shutterstock / Park Guell, Barcelona It’s the Friday Edit, aka, things I’ve been reading or watching around the web that I found interesting, useful, or downright funny. I hope you enjoy them, too. I have to start with the funny because, well, it’s needed this week! I saw this movie trailer for NGO – Nothing Going On from Poverty…


After Rebranding Your Nonprofit, Then What?

Each year, I crisscross the country speaking at various nonprofit conferences. And while the conversation around nonprofit branding is gaining momentum, many nonprofit leaders continue to hold a narrow perspective on what it means to build and leverage a strong, needle-moving brand. They often equate brand to their logo, a cool color palette, and a set of identity guidelines—prioritizing consistency as the main objective….

Social Fish

Mark Your Calendars – SUMMER SOLSTICE 2017

Come to The Solar Foundation’s seventh annual Summer Solstice event on June 22, 2017 in Washington, DC! SUMMER SOLSTICE 2017 Hogan Lovells, LLP, 555 13th St NW, Washington, DC June 22 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM Join us at The Solar Foundation’s 7th annual Summer Solstice! This fundraiser brings together partners, allies, and friends to enjoy a…


The Key to Fundraising: “Know Thy Donor!”

All of us know that fundraising is about building relationships – and relationships aren’t built easily. To build and maintain donor relationships, it has to take priority in your weekly or monthly schedule of activities as a fundraising professional. Regular and consistent major donor outreach needs to be scheduled on your calendar, just like any…

Engaging Volunteers

Where to Flex Your #VolMgmt Muscles and Feel Supported

Guest post by Elisa Kosarin. This post originally appeared on Twenty Hats. Don’t think you have what it takes to be the boss? Here is one great place to build your leadership skills. In the Get Your Projects Done webinar earlier this year: we spent a lot of time talking about limiting beliefs. That’s because most…


Building digital inclusion from the ground up

May 18, 2017 Building digital inclusion from the ground up By Emma Hernandez Share this post Being part of NTEN’s Digital Inclusion Fellowship has led me to do some really cool stuff. I support digital inclusion efforts from the ground up: from recruiting and training skilled technology volunteers to finding innovative ways of connecting adult…


6 Proven Best Practices for Your Sustained Giving Program

Recurring donations aren’t a new concept. In fact, we have long been speaking about their merits. A surprisingly relevant Blackbaud whitepaper from 2004 states: “…[F]undraisers are on a search for new techniques that increase donations, build donor loyalty and add a new level of predictability, while also improving operational efficiency.” Still true over 13 years…