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Come to the Nonprofit Talent & Culture Summit!!

Will you join us at the 2017 Nonprofit Talent & Culture Summit April 5 – 7th in Washington, D.C.? It’s going to be awesome! And not just because Jamie will be speaking about unlocking your org’s genetic code… The Nonprofit Talent & Culture Summit is the social sector’s only convening focused on critical talent issues. This year’s event…


Bloomerang Named To 2017 “Best Places to Work in Indiana” List

Bloomerang has been honored as one of the 100 best places to work in the state of Indiana by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. This was the second year that Bloomerang applied and the second year we were honored. A total of 200 companies applied to the program this year. Organizations on this year’s list…

Engaging Volunteers

[Infographic] Debunking Common PSA Myths for Nonprofits

They only air at night when everyone else is asleep. They’re only available on smaller stations and have limited reach. Have you heard these or other common misconceptions about PSAs? In reality, public service announcements (PSAs) are an effective and cost-conscious marketing tool for nonprofits to reach potential supporters. Every year, Connect360 analyzes a vast…


Insurance and Liability: What Nonprofits Need to Protect Themselves

February 21, 2017 Insurance and Liability: What Nonprofits Need to Protect Themselves By Maxime Rieman Share this post While nonprofit organizations enjoy certain exemptions, they still have liability risks and, as with any business, liability concerns are going to be industry-specific. A nonprofit construction company like Habitat for Humanity, for example, will have liability risks…


4 Important Considerations Before Investing in Today’s Technology for Tomorrow

What technology is best? How can I get the most out of my software solution? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions – you’re not alone. As an account executive for foundation management technology solutions at MicroEdge + Blackbaud, I get asked these questions a lot. These sorts of decisions should never be made lightly…

Social Velocity

What Nonprofit Sustainability Looks Like: An Interview with Hilda Polanco

In this month’s Social Velocity interview, I’m talking with Hilda Polanco. Hilda is the founder and CEO of FMA – Fiscal Strength for Nonprofits, a consulting firm that helps nonprofits and foundations develop the fiscal capacity they need to fulfill their missions, including stronger operations and fiscal management, improved foundation grant-making capacity, and increased staff financial knowledge. In addition…


What Makes a Capital Campaign a Capital Campaign?

HINT: It’s NOT because it raises the money to build buildings! Capital Campaigns are Spring Boards to Increased Impact They raise the money to move your organization from business as usual to doing more good for more people. They increase your capacity to make a difference in the world by providing special funds to increase…


How To Keep Up with Changes to Social Media You Already Use

February 20, 2017 How To Keep Up with Changes to Social Media You Already Use By Lauren Girardin By Lauren Girardin Share this post Surprise! In the past few months, there has been a flurry of changes to social media platforms that matter to many nonprofits. For example, Facebook made it easier for people to…


Nonprofit Tips to Fundraise More Effectively

If your nonprofit is looking for insight to increase its fundraising, Blackbaud’s Benchmark Report provides some great data.      Email Still Matters Even with yearly email list growth slowing down by 10% and strict laws in some countries like the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL), email continues to be one of the most important tools for fundraising….

Social Fish

How to leverage social media to target local users and build brand awareness

It’s no secret that social media’s strength lies in the user data that it offers to marketers looking to better target their campaigns.  Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are goldmines of user data! Demographics and psychographics are just a few that you can use to better target local audiences and specific job titles. When it comes…