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11 Tips to Get Your Nonprofit Live on Facebook

Facebook Live is taking the newsfeed by storm! This (relatively) new live broadcasting feature lets any person, brand, or nonprofit live-stream events, reveals, celebrations, and more.

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The Problem With Crowdfunding

Both individuals and businesses have begun to turn to crowdfunding to pay their way out of misfortune, generate donations and fund startups. The grass isn’t always greener on the side of crowdfunding; less than half of campaigns reach their goal.

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How to Create Video Content for Nonprofit Donations

When it comes to video content generation, there are three main types of video content your organization should be focusing on.

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How to (or not to) Use Snapchat for Your Nonprofit

Like frosted tips and neon windbreakers, to most, Snapchat seemed like nothing more than a funky fad. The tides have changed and people have embraced Snapchat into the same category of social media powerhouses as Facebook and Twitter. Should your NPO use Snapchat?

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Why Your Audience Should Be #1 in Any Social Media Strategy

Social media is one of the best ways for organizations to communicate with and engage their audiences. It lets nonprofits reach individuals far and wide, it’s a fun outlet to creatively market and (best of all) it’s free.

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7 Reasons Nonprofits Don’t Try Harder with Social Media

Take a look at any social media platform, and you’ll see it’s dominated by celebrities and big corporations. Social media is saturated with many users, which makes it difficult for nonprofits to be noticed.

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How to Optimize Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Strategy (With a Small Budget)

There are endless opportunities to gain exposure for your nonprofit through social media, but we all know it’s easier said than done.

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[Social Media] Complainers Gonna Complain, and Why That Can Be Good for Your Nonprofit

Try as you may, it’s impossible to please everyone—there will always be people who issue a complaint about your cause or organization.

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Tools and Tips for Creating Engaging Content for Your Nonprofit

Content allows you to tell stories, keep your audience engaged and allows you to highlight your thought leadership in the space. Check out these tools to help you get started and create effective content.

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How to Know When a Social Network is Worth Your Time

How do you know what social networks are important for your nonprofit? Deciding which sites are worth your time can be tricky. Here’s some tips to help determine which sites could be here for the long haul.