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How to Create Video Content for Nonprofit Donations

When it comes to video content generation, there are three main types of video content your organization should be focusing on.

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How to Master Your NPO Content Marketing [VIDEO]

It’s a daunting task to think about how to start utilizing content marketing in your nonprofit. It’s also not easy to master it if you’ve already taken a stab at it. It just so happens that content marketing is Nonprofit Hub’s game. We’re here to make it a little easier and a lot less daunting…

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[AFP 2015] Follow Sargeant’s Orders: Changing One Aspect of Marketing Your Fundraising

He’s Professor of Fundraising, Chief Scientist for Bloomerang and all-around fundraising guru for nonprofits. And his last name is Sargeant. This guy is awesome. We were lucky enough to catch up with Adrian Sargeant and asked what change can nonprofits make in their marketing strategy that will make a big difference. Listen to his response in…

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[AFP 2015] How Your Organization Can Connect with Millennials

Just because some millennials can’t afford to make huge monetary contributions doesn’t mean they aren’t contributing to NPOs in other important ways.

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[AFP 2015] AFP CEO and President Shares Fundraising Insight

When you put 4,000 fundraisers at one conference, there’s a certain energy in the air—and it was infectious at AFP 2015 in Baltimore. But what seemed to be the topic on everybody’s mind? Improving retention was huge. We caught up with AFP President and CEO Andrew Watt to talk about the current state of fundraising…

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[AFP 2015] What Your Small Staff Should Be Doing Right Now for Donors

It’s time to make sure donors take notice of the small organizations out there (and then stick around). So how are you going to do it?

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[AFP 2015] The Donor Retention Change You Can Make Right Now

Jay Love shares what nonprofits should be doing to ensure that they’re going to make the cut for second round donations.

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The Greatest Online Video Ever Made by a Nonprofit

I found the greatest online video ever made by a nonprofit. Yes, it’s true. It was published a few weeks ago by Greenpeace USA. But why is it the greatest?

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How to Sell Millennials on Your NPO [Video]

Millennials don’t care about your nonprofit. But you can still get them on board with your mission. Millennials want to know how they can make a difference and this is why it is important to you to share all the great work your NPO does on social media.

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How to Maximize Your NPO’S Tweets: Twitter Commandment #7 [VIDEO]

Let’s face it—formulas were made for science. And social media wasn’t designed with an exact science in mind. Sure, there are algorithm formulas that help determine how your posts will perform. But for the most part, we can’t predict how a tweet will do after we launch it off into the mythical land of social…