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3 Can’t-Forget Essentials for Effective Donor Pages [VIDEO]

While it’s not about the money (otherwise, you wouldn’t be in this gig), your nonprofit simply needs revenue to operate. Without it, how are you going to fund those amazing programs (much less, pay your employees)? That’s why the donor page is probably the most important individual element of your nonprofit website. It’s critically important to…

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What’s the Best Camera for Making Nonprofit Videos? A Visual Guide [VIDEO]

So you’ve already decided that it would be great to add video to your nonprofit’s marketing plan. You’ve reviewed some stellar examples of the different kinds of videos nonprofits use to advance their causes. In many ways, you’re over the most important hurdles. But here’s where a lot of folks throw in the towel and give…

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3 Reasons to Practice Your Nonprofit Storytelling

Here’s an experiment for you: next time some stranger walks up and asks you, “Hey–what’s your job?” and you get into the details of your nonprofit organization, stop. Don’t describe your mission or your job title or the frustrations your nonprofit sees in the world. Instead, think of one person your nonprofit has helped, and…

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3 Major Donor Fundraising Tips to Get that 2nd or 3rd Donation [VIDEO]

When you’ve been courting a major donor for weeks, months or even a year, it’s a great feeling to get that big commitment. You’ll probably want to shut down the office for the day and take your staff out to celebrate–and you should! But major donor fundraising (and really, all fundraising) doesn’t stop after the…

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Essential Nonprofit Twitter Tips #4: Never Settle! [VIDEO]

This isn’t your Grandma’s nonprofit twitter account. You know a thing or two about how Twitter works. You’ve got a classy cover photo, added all your friends (but didn’t follow too many random people at once) and are maintaining a respectable follower count. You might think it’s time to rest on your laurels. But you’d…

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3 Videos Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan Needs to Succeed (And Examples)

While you might understand the importance of adding videos to your nonprofit marketing plan, this realization can only lead to another question: what kinds of videos are best for my nonprofit?  Glad you asked! Nonprofit videos should be made for a few, specific reasons: You want to build awareness for your nonprofit. You want to…

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Nonprofit Twitter Tips #3: Hashtag Like a Pro [VIDEO]

By now, we’ve delved deep into the mysteries of Twitter for nonprofit organizations. I’ve explained how nonprofits should share other people’s content if they want to be shared in return. I’ve examined how following too many people can be a huge mistake for the eager nonprofit social media user. Now it’s time to talk hashtags….

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The Not-So-Secret of Engaging Millennial Donors

Young people. They’re all around us. Listening to their musics, flaunting their iPads and sporting flannel. Generational disconnect has always been a potential difficulty for nonprofit professionals, but it’s only going to get more important for us to be able to get inside the heads of what will be the single largest generation in history….

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How Loving Your Donors Can Increase Donations 1000% [VIDEO]

Too many nonprofit organizations get lost in the details. We’re deeply immersed in what our organizations are doing every day. We care about the work we’re doing, and we know our nonprofit is making the world a better place–otherwise we wouldn’t be working for our nonprofit. But that passion can translate poorly when we communicate…

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Donor Retention Means Being Your Donors’ Trusted Friend [VIDEO]

Nonprofit organizations globally are looking closely at donor retention–the idea that we don’t have to lose 70% of our first time donors. But what’s the secret behind donor retention? What does it all come down to? Jay Love is CEO and Co-Founder of Bloomerang, the donor database that helps nonprofits retain first-time donors, long-term. Listen…