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Why Marketing to Millennials Won’t Get You Major Donors–But That’s Okay [VIDEO]

Learning how to market to millennials is a hot button topic in the nonprofit sector right now. But are millennials worth the time and money it takes to court them? The answer may surprise you. Why Marketing to Millennials Won’t Get You Major Donors–But That’s Okay Transcript: Nonprofits marketing to millennials. Should I do it,…

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Fundraising Videos Are About Raising Money, Not Awareness

Too many people want a fundraising video. Not enough people want a fundraising video that works. What does it mean when a fundraising video works? Does that mean “raising awareness” or getting your cause “out there”? Trying to “engage and empower” your constituents? Nope. Fundraising videos are about getting donations. And they should be one…

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Nonprofit Video Making Demystified: Sensors, Pixels and Lenses (Oh My)

We aren’t out of the woods yet. If you’ve been following along, I’ve already explained the basics of nonprofit video making. But if you’re a dedicated video bootstrapper, there are a few more essentials you’ll need to get your head around. Last time, we started to demystify video resolution and frame rates with side-by-side comparisons on they affect how…

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Why Following Up After Your Fundraising Event is the Most Important Part [VIDEO]

Imagine you’ve just finished your biggest fundraising event yet. Everyone showed up, you raised money, made connections and actually made your event memorable. This wasn’t a generic raffle or a blind auction. But if you’ve neglected the final mile of event planning, your event is a bust. Following up after your fundraising event might be…

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Twitter for Nonprofits: Advanced Twitter Jujutsu [VIDEO]

Some of you nonprofit professionals are true Twitter ninjas. You aren’t content with slowly adding new followers, making sure to share your fellow nonprofit colleague’s content instead of just your own and have even mastered the intricacies of the hashtag. If so, these highly advanced Twitter tips are for you. But be warned: this advanced…

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Why You Don’t Need $225 Million for Your Nonprofit’s Next Video Masterpiece

Man of Steel, the latest installation in a long history of Superman movies had a budget of $225 million. Take a moment. Try to fathom having those monetary resources. Unfortunately for us, nonprofits don’t have multi-million dollar budgets for video production. However, they can still pack a powerful emotional punch. In a recent survey, 91%…

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Effective Fundraising Means You Can’t Treat Donors Like ATMs [VIDEO]

The mark of a superficial relationship: you only interact when you need something. This is true of friendships, children to their parents and you to your donors. Do you have a real relationship, with back and forth and personality, or are you treating your donor base like an ATM, there whenever you need it? The difference matters….

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3 Can’t-Forget Essentials for Effective Donor Pages [VIDEO]

While it’s not about the money (otherwise, you wouldn’t be in this gig), your nonprofit simply needs revenue to operate. Without it, how are you going to fund those amazing programs (much less, pay your employees)? That’s why the donor page is probably the most important individual element of your nonprofit website. It’s critically important to…

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What’s the Best Camera for Making Nonprofit Videos? A Visual Guide [VIDEO]

So you’ve already decided that it would be great to add video to your nonprofit’s marketing plan. You’ve reviewed some stellar examples of the different kinds of videos nonprofits use to advance their causes. In many ways, you’re over the most important hurdles. But here’s where a lot of folks throw in the towel and give…

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3 Reasons to Practice Your Nonprofit Storytelling

Here’s an experiment for you: next time some stranger walks up and asks you, “Hey–what’s your job?” and you get into the details of your nonprofit organization, stop. Don’t describe your mission or your job title or the frustrations your nonprofit sees in the world. Instead, think of one person your nonprofit has helped, and…