3 Last Minute Ideas to Boost Your Year-End Fundraising

Want to give your nonprofit fundraising a very quick but very big boost? Start simple. Check out these three ways to make your nonprofit end of year fundraising campaign even better.

All Eyes on You

The best way to fail at your nonprofit’s big fundraising opportunity this December is to slack on the basics. Create a quality checklist to ensure that your holiday appeal letter and website are absolutely primed for potential donors.

Edit your appeal letter one more time before sending it out. How engaging is your intro? Statistics, a personal story or enthusiastic revelations about what your nonprofit has in the works will grip readers. Next, personalize your message. Donors are people, too. Use their names.

As for your website, it needs a clear call to action—that action being donate, naturally. Refining your holiday appeal letter will drive traffic to your website, so improve your online presence with a killer homepage. Add copy throughout that invites visitors to support your cause. Highlight pictures and testimonials from people your organization helps. Go easy on site visitors that want to donate—showcase an easily recognizable donation button on every page.

Ring, Ring: It’s for You

Don’t be shy about calling your top donors personally to help push your year-end fundraising campaign to the next level. As hard as it is for some to face possible rejection over the phone, it’s just as difficult for your supporter to say no.

And not to nag, but this step is especially easy for nonprofits who keep in touch with generous supporters throughout the year. Break the ice this December with a phone call, thank them for their history of support with your organization and tell them you’ll keep them updated on your work (and keep your promise!).

Taxes—Suddenly Less Cringe-worthy

We’ve got one reason to love taxes—just one. April 15 suddenly feels a whole lot closer to supporters once the New Year is looming, so they’re far more likely to be persuaded to give to a charitable organization for a tax credit. Compose copy for email newsletters, direct mail pieces and especially your website that emphasizes the tax benefits of donating to your cause.

Nonprofits that craft an awesome year-end fundraising campaign typically gain 40% of their donations at year’s end. You can tweak your fundraising campaign in the small ways above and see a big return on your effort.

How will your nonprofit pull out all the stops for your year-end fundraising campaign?