10 Ways to Appeal Fundraising to Today’s Baby Boomers

It seems like the big focus of fundraising is appealing to the millennials. But there’s a group out there still in its prime and ready to give; as long as we know how to do it, that is.

Baby boomers, those aged 50 to 68, still want to make an impact in the world. How they do it though, differs slightly from millennials.

Boomers, for example, won’t be swayed by decisions of their peers. Millennials may join in on a cause because their friends are doing it—not so much the boomers. They are under less pressure to be a part of a certain social status and freed from this kind of discretion.

Appealing to Baby Boomers will take more than some kind of peer pressure. It will fall on us to sell them on our fundraising campaign through facts and practicality.

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