Augmented Reality to Boost Fundraising is No Longer a Thing of the Future

When you watched “Back to the Future Part II”, you always wondered if that is what our future would look like. Riding around in flying cars, having our food served by A.I. computers or having a giant projection of Jaws jump out at you. Although the first two aren’t that practical yet, the third is becoming a reality—augmented reality that is. When a billboard uses augmented reality technology for nonprofit fundraising, all the potential donor needs is a simple app on their iOS or Android device to see the augmented projection coming from the billboard. With augmented reality being a thing of the present, it opens the doors to world of opportunity for nonprofit fundraising and recruitment.

Learn more about augmented reality and how it can benefit your nonprofit by following the link below.

12 Digital Fundraising Trends for 2012 #3: Augmented Reality [Bryan/Giving In a Digital World]