Out with Text to Donate, In with Apps for Mobile Fundraising

If ever there was a time to develop a mobile site or app, it’s now. With smartphones becoming a standard in the cell phone universe and tablets becoming the latest must-have electronic, mobile fundraising is proving to be wildly successful.

Online fundraising through mobile sites and apps has exploded in the past year. And, the best part is, the whole process is still in its infancy. Mobile sites and apps allow for great ease in the donation process, more so than the text to donate feature could offer. Fundraising through these methods allows supporters to not only donate easily, but also to share our mission with friends and family.

Follow the link below for more on the increase in mobile fundraising.

Why Mobile Matters for Nonprofit Fundraising [Socialbrite]


  • I did a review on my blog this week of Google’s One Today app (http://jessicagreen.org/review-one-today-googles-new-philanthropy-app/) – It’s not a platform for nonprofits to use on their own (yet…) but it is an interesting move forward in mobile giving!

    • Marc Koenig

      Nifty. I like these forays into micro-giving. I feel like the biggest barrier is exposure/marketing for new products like this, and then making it drop-dead simple to use for a donor. The biggest barrier for donors isn’t not wanting to give, but the barriers around giving, like having to fill out forms, download things and figure out complex systems. Eliminating any friction in new tech is super difficult.

  • Colette Palmer

    I agree that NFPs should be more innovative with their collection methods – collecting change on street corners isn’t cutting anymore in a digital world.

    I feel that there should be more differentiation between app vs mobile website though, too many NFPs are developing pointless apps that donors either won’t download or will delete straight away because they aren’t interactive enough. For most NFPs, developing a mobile website (with fundraising functionality) should be the priority over developing an app.

    • Marc Koenig

      Colette – agreed. The app route is usually pretty fruitless, because if you’re typical, only the .001% of constituents will download it and it won’t add any value or functionality. Plus when you factor in needed to update and upgrade the app, it’s just a long-term resource sink.

      Here’s our more nuanced take on what mobile efforts nonprofits benefit most from. See “Bonus: What Most Nonprofits Shouldn’t Do” – develop an app. 😉


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