The Successes of Digital Nonprofit Fundraising

Fundraising is always a touchy subject on what works and doesn’t. Some nonprofits have a strict fundraising strategy that’s never changed since their inception. Well it’s 2012 folks, and digital fundraising needs to alter those “set-in-stone” fundraising plans.

Using online methods to facilitate fundraising is a relatively new experience for nonprofits, but it’s been proven to work. Email marketing, social media or just fundraising through a nonprofit’s website are inexpensive ways to reach a large audience and make donating easy for them. It’s becoming a digital world, so it only makes sense for your fundraising to do the same.

Learn more about what methods are working for digital nonprofit fundraising by following the link below.

What’s Working in Digital Non-Profit Fundraising [INFOGRAPHIC] [Petronzio/Mashable]