Twelve (Year-Round) Year-End Fundraising Ideas

Suggestions for each month to bolster your year-end fundraising campaign

Year-end giving has a rightful spotlight shining brightly this time of year. About one-third of yearly giving happens in December alone. What’s even more significant is that organizations receive a whopping 50 percent of their annual donations between October and December.

However, year-end giving doesn’t magically take off during those three months. Every month brings new opportunities to cultivate donations, and staying on top of your game in each of the other nine months will only make your ask more successful at year end.

We’ve always been an advocate of building your year-end campaign throughout the year. No, that doesn’t mean sending out an ask for next December this January, but it does require you to be conscious of your fundraising efforts and plan for next December this January. Let’s discuss how to appeal to your potential donors, keeping them engaged all year long and steps you can take (later today, if you’re a go-getter). We’ve created our year-round year-end fundraising ideas for each month of the year to keep your organization top of mind.

year-end fundraising ideas

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