HR’s Favorite Fundraisers Have Three Qualities in Common

Boy, are you lucky. Loving your job comes naturally when you work at a nonprofit you care about. It’s no secret that positions in the nonprofit sector are among human resources’ most highly sought-after jobs, because people want to work for causes they believe in. Job-seekers can get competitive about working for nonprofits—yours included.

Perhaps you’re looking to increase your current nonprofit job responsibilities, or maybe the HR team needs help wading through the tidal wave of applicants vying for that just-posted position. Either way, nonprofit HR experts agree that building trust and expertise as a fundraising advisor is a foolproof way to get your foot in the door. To learn how to identify quality fundraising professionals, or to become one yourself, follow the link below.

3 Ways to Become a Trusted Fundraising Advisor [Inspiring Generosity]