5 Traits of Successful Nonprofit Leaders

When you are running a nonprofit, it seems like you need to be a different person every ten minutes. While you can’t be multiple people, you should have multiple traits. Here are 5 traits commonly found in successful nonprofit directors.


You can’t be everywhere at once so you need to know when to delegate. Trust your employees and volunteers. The more you delegate the more time you have to focus on improving your nonprofit organization.


You need to continuously search for new ways to improve your organization. It doesn’t matter if it’s spending time on the internet to find new programs and ideas or talking to other nonprofits to see how they are growing.


You need to constantly be looking forward to the future such as preparing budgets, always working on attaining grants and implementing new programs.


It is imperative that you stay on top of the latest technology. Implementing the right technology will help save money, build a donor base and just maker your life easier overall.


You need to be self motivated even during times of tribulation. There are going to be days when funds are low or you were expecting more volunteers to show up, but you can’t let that slow you down.