How Millennials Are Redefining “Charity”

Millennials want to change the world. And as a result, they’re changing the way we think of “charities”—thus, to accommodate this large group of cause supporters, nonprofits need to rework the way we think of ourselves as well.

They feel empowered when they can be a part of a cause that’s bigger than themselves. They could care less about your legal status and the other technicalities that make up your organization. They want to see a change, and feel that they’re a key part of that change. They want to feel inspired and inspire others to get involved.

And they demand to see action and impact. Millennials won’t think twice about severing ties to our organizations if they get involved and fail to see the fruits of their effort.

Learn more on how millennials are influencing the nonprofit sector in the article below.

Millennials challenge status quo by redefining charity within the sector [Philanthropy Journal]