Nonprofits Opening the Floodgates Known as Mobile

For those who refuse to get with the times, just go ahead and stop reading now.

Now, for us who want to expand our reach and gain valuable, new supporters, let’s dive in the world of mobile websites.

We can continue to hark on and on about everyone (essentially) having a smartphone nowadays. But, let’s go a bit deeper.

Think of all the ways mobile has connected each and every outlet of marketing our mission. Emails, social media, online giving—everything has become centralized in that little, wonderful rectangle we have in our pockets.

Getting with the times and understanding the impact of mobile and responsive design only sets us up for future success. Why wouldn’t we jump on that bandwagon?

For more on nonprofits taking advantage of mobile, click on the link below.

Why Should Nonprofits Take Advantage of the Mobile Web? [GuideStar]