All the World’s a Stage, and All the Nonprofit Web Designs Merely Players

There’s reason your nonprofit website is utterly, inarguably, unchangeably crucial to the continued success of your organization and especially its fundraising. Your nonprofit must communicate your mission and how you achieve it to retain donors, find new ones and inspire a network of committed volunteers. So consider your nonprofit web design a stage for your nonprofit’s marketing content. The better your website, the more people you’ll pack in the theatre.

Driving traffic to your nonprofit’s website—which we hope you reserve plenty of resources for—involves creating new content that’s of value to supporters. But how much content is reasonable, and how much does your organization need to produce to be effective? Several factors play into the answer because, you guessed it, it depends.

Check out the article below for guidance on creating just the right amount of content for your all-important nonprofit web design.

What’s a Reasonable Amount of Content to Produce? [Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog]