See How Millennial Users React to These Nonprofit Websites [Video]

Warning, if you are feeling feisty this morning do not view the videos below. The following contains user tests of various millennials’ takes on nonprofit donation pages (both mobile and web). Here are some eye-opening quotes that our donors might be saying when they visit our websites:

“Why would I automatically click donate?” (Hint: Give them a reason to donate.)

“Let me know what’s going on with you guys!” (Hint: Keep your website current.)

The biggest takeaway: millennials are annoyed when sites aren’t mobile friendly and when they contain outdated information—and they probably aren’t the only ones.

However, if you so choose, watch the videos below (and learn more on millennial preferences of nonprofit web design in the article link.)

To learn more, click the link below.

New study shows young people’s preferences, nonprofit sites’ shortcomings [SocialBrite]