Don’t Let Your Blog Archives Sit Around—How to Dust ‘Em Off and Use ‘Em

You’re a poet and you didn’t know it. Okay, you’re not a poet, but you’re an author (sorry, nothing cool rhymes with “author”). But here’s the deal. If you’ve been consistently blogging for a while, you have a lot of content. A lot of good content—we’re assuming. So why are you letting it lie there, day after day, in the depths of your blog archives gathering metaphorical cyber-dust?

Do something with those brilliant blog posts. Give them their second wind. Publish them in a book. Yes, a book—you are an author, after all. E-book, real book, no matter the format, publishing large quantities of good content, all within the binding of a pretty book, can only bring good things for your nonprofit. You’ve got lots of knowledge—go share it.

And check out the article below to learn more about the process of turning your content into book format.

3 Simple Ways to Turn Your Website Archive into Profitable Books and eBooks [Copyblogger]