How to Know If and When You Are a “Real” Writer

In a similar rationale that “you are what you eat,” “you are what you say you are.” You’re a writer for your nonprofit’s blog and social media. You’re not an amateur, aspiring or a newbie. You write for your blog, regularly, therefore you are a writer. State it proudly.

And while, like most, this rule has exceptions (you can’t simply state, “I am a firefighter” and expect to magically fulfill your childhood dream), it also has power. This statement (“I am a writer”) will give you confidence. No more of this willy nilly “I kind of write for a blog sorta.” You are a writer. So go out and be a proud one.

And check out more reasons why this statement yields such power in the article below.

The Simple Reason You’re Not a Writer (Yet) [Copywriter]