Special Bonus Video: The 5 Elements of a Perfect Nonprofit Website

Hey NHU students! As a bonus, we’d like to share a video of our friend Jay Wilkinson, one of the Hub’s close friends and guest writers. We love Jay because he’s an AMAZING resource for how to make a website great. His company, Firespring, is one of our biggest sponsors, and they make a point of sharing their research on what donor want from websites and what makes websites not just un-terrible, but GREAT.

The videos a short 10 minutes, and it’s packed with examples on how to take your website to the next level.



Want to learn more? Good news: Jay generously throws free webinars on a regular basis on this topic, for those who are interested in taking their website to the next level.

If you’d like to hear an expanded, detailed 60 minute webinar on this topic, feel free to click the link below to sign up!

[Sign up for the Free Webinar]