Starting a Nonprofit: 9 Qualities that Signify a Great Entrepreneur

The idea of starting a nonprofit pops up almost everyday in the minds of the population. Wanting to help somebody or create awareness for a cause is a common thought, but not everybody has the right tools or qualities to get it off of the ground. True entrepreneurs have the qualities that reflect leadership, empathy and humility. These qualities bring out the best in the people that will help start the nonprofit, but they will also help the people directly affected by the nonprofit’s mission.

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9 Qualities of Remarkable Entrepreneurs [Haden/Inc.]

  • zenaida villagomez

    i work with senior citizens,i do personal care and light housekeeping for them,for 20 years already.One of the many problems they face is lack of funds to do the yard duty in their homes,so what i want to do is to open a nonprofit organization to help them not only with the yard but other things too,like taking them to grocery shopping,doctor’s visits etc.i need more information and how to become an intrepreneur.