5 Greats Ways to Use Video on Instagram

No need to worry about creating a Hollywood-esque set or the latest in video camera technology. The power of great videos for our campaigns is the in palm of our hands.

Since June, Instagram users have been able to create 15 second videos via smartphone. It may not seem like much time, but there’s a lot we can say (or not say) in that amount of time to engage and entertain our supporters.

One way we can create excitement for a campaign or project is to create a simple teaser. Think of it as a sneak peek to upcoming event. By providing a few seconds worth of footage or a snippet of progress, our supporters can feel involved and exhilarated for what’s ahead.

Follow the link below for more ways we can use Instagram’s video service.

5 Nonprofits Using Instagram Video to Promote Campaigns [Socialbrite]