There’s hidden treasure just waiting for your cause… If only you knew where to look! Nonprofit Treasure Map gives you the ability to find your cause’s hidden clues that lead to increased donations. Once you’ve drawn your Treasure Map, your cause will be able to follow the path to prosperity. Get out your Nonprofit Treasure Map secret decoder ring to quickly tell whether a new clue will lead your cause to fundraising fortune or failure! Nonprofit Treasure Map Workshop Series

  • Where to Begin? Find the Right Path
  • X Marks the Spot! Fundraising Goals and Plans
  • Digging for Diamonds: Donors and Prospects

With A Nonprofit Treasure Map You Will:

  • Build the most effective fundraising system to find new money quickly.
  • Know where to invest your time and resources for the biggest return.
  • Learn how to find new sources of contributions over the short and long terms