Brave Factor

Brave Factor


Hi, we’re Brave Factor!

We are an award-winning Bali-based branding & web agency for nonprofits, with roots in North America. We believe good branding can help change the world for the better, we work hard to prove that.

Our Values

Our values guide everything we do, from our approach to work, to how we treat everyone we interact with. They are our promises to our clients, as well as to ourselves.

We believe the best work happens when we work together as one team towards one vision. While we may not know all the answers, but we will figure it out along the way.

We like giving people more than they ask for. More than they knew they needed. Our standards are very high, and we work hard to exceed them everyday.

The best work happens when anyone can speak their mind at any time. We value all opinions and aren’t afraid to share ours.

Brave Factor is passionate about our team and community. We are fully invested in our team, creating stable jobs, and increasing skills and education in Indonesia.

We’ve been rated as one of the top agencies

IN STRATEGY, DESIGN & WEB DEVELOPMENT IN SOUTHEAST ASIA. We’re an award-winning agency based in Indonesia who has helped hundreds of nonprofits, foundations, and social impact organizations all over the world. Our goal is to deliver amazing experiences that creates value for your brand.

We love to partner with you, combining your expertise of your industry and our expertise of best practices for ux, design, and tech. A beautiful end result is created through honest collaboration.

We know this is an investment and that you are trusting us with an important project for your growth. We take your project on personally, in all the best ways, to make the best end result we can, no matter what.

Although we may be in Indonesia, we work hard be responsive so you always feel taken care of. We set weekly phone calls to stay on track and with each step, we let you know the progress. (We hope you don’t get tired of us.)

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