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We’re on a mission to mobilize the world’s talent for good.

Catchafire was founded in 2010 with the goal of driving positive world change through the giving of time and talent, for the benefit of the nonprofit community we serve.  We are a community of individuals seeking to support and strengthen the social good sector. We do this by facilitating connections between professionals who want to donate their time and talent through virtual volunteering with nonprofits who need their skills.

Our vision is to create a more empathetic, inclusive, and loving world.

For more than a decade, the core of Catchafire’s approach to capacity building has been responsiveness to nonprofits’ needs. Our Nonprofit Advisors engage in constant feedback loops with our nonprofit community. Our needs assessment tools provide a curriculum of tailored solutions for each nonprofit and enable us to gather aggregated insights into the needs of organizations by various segments. Real-time data about the skills and projects requested by nonprofits offer a direct view into the most critical gaps they seek to fill.

The result of this commitment to listening: Despite a year of crisis, we can confidently say that we are better positioned than ever to meet the needs of nonprofits quickly and responsively. In the months ahead we will continue to focus on serving our nonprofit community. We will listen, we will amplify their voices, and we will keep designing capacity-building solutions uniquely for them.

“This has been one of the best programs we’ve been involved in terms of organizational support. It’s allowed us to target specific needs, and do the heavy lifting of bringing us in contact with volunteers. Even if we were provided with funding of the same amount and told to go hire someone, the process of hiring can be intimidating and time-consuming. Catchafire streamlines this.”

 – Sarah K., Executive Director at Altar Valley Conservation Alliance