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CauseMatch is a peer-to-peer fundraising platform designed to help you increase your donor base and raise more money from each donor.

When nonprofits use CauseMatch, they combine cutting-edge technology with hands-on professional guidance and coaching to reach more donors and achieve better fundraising results.

The key to successful CauseMatch campaigns is peer-to-peer fundraising (P2P), which turns supporters into active fundraisers. The result is more donors, higher donations, and wider knowledge of the crucial work your organization does.

P2P leverages the behavioral truth that friends are far more likely to give when a friend or family member makes the request versus the organization directly appealing to them. In fact, that’s the #1 reason people give. Smart recruitment and engagement of Fundraising Ambassadors will maximize the amount you raise.

P2P lifts response rates by 100x.

We believe that the best technology will give you the best results. With proprietary technology like the Ambassador Recruitment Platform, the Ambassador Management Platform, and Donor Rescue, managing your volunteers and team members and raising more money has never been easier.

We believe that with expert coaching and guidance, your Fundraising Ambassadors will know exactly what to do and what to say to inspire their networks to give generously. Fundraising is hard. With CauseMatch coaching, you’ll have the help you need to succeed.

We believe in stellar customer service. Our technical support team is available around the clock with an average response time of under two minutes. During your campaign, all the details matter so CauseMatch support will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Whether your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign is part of an annual fundraising effort, a capital building project, or a run/walk/ride a-thon… P2P is THE most efficient way to acquire new donors and raise more money than you thought possible.

The CauseMatch platform was born in 2017 after CEO Joseph Bornstein ran his own crowdfunding campaign to help a friend’s family. He saw firsthand how the power of charity crowdfunding could bring amazing results and he wanted to create a technological solution that would make it easier to share every organization’s important mission, encourage greater giving, and bring measurable results.

At CauseMatch we insist on leadership at every level. Below are the core values that guide how we think, operate, and live. CauseMatch staffs and runs our entire company in accordance with these values.
Human relationships begin and end with one word: integrity. Leaders recognize that their word must be their bond and that trust and honesty are the bedrock of all relationships. Leaders seek practical solutions, rather than theories and hopes that have little basis in concrete experience. They focus on goals and results and expect and demand tangible, real, and powerful success. This principle is especially important both in building our team and in serving every CauseMatch client with honesty and an eye toward results.

Transparency and Communication
Leaders know that trust is built through transparency and communication. In turn, as a global team, it is critical that we have cross-departmental clarity on how/why processes work and make sure to communicate effectively about them. As a company, we need to provide transparency to our clients and donors.

Tenacious Devotion to the Customer
First and foremost, our company is about providing an incredible and high-impact product service to customers. With all the hustle of a busy company, it is easy to lose sight of this fundamental principle of our company. From leadership, and operations to the product — everything should start with the customer and build from there. We must work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust and provide world-class products, coaching, management, and support. Leaders demonstrate tenacious devotion to the customer.

Ownership and Accountability
Leaders take ownership and responsibility for their work, holding themselves accountable for


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