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Convergent Nonprofit Solutions

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Convergent Nonprofit Solutions

Fundraising can be a daunting task for many nonprofits. At Convergent Nonprofit Solutions, our team is available to help your organization secure the funding you need.

Convergent Nonprofit Solutions is a national fundraising consultancy that helps nonprofits secure the funding needed to increase their impact. Our clients learn how to translate what they “do” into what funders will “invest” in. This is a powerful approach that ends the constant struggle for funding. Our team of experienced fundraising professionals takes the lead in each campaign. Including making “the ask” which helps you meet your fundraising goal with minimal burden on your staff, board, and volunteers.

We have successfully raised funds for programming, expansion, brick-and-mortar, and more. Our approach to fundraising utilizes a strong rational appeal. This positions your organization as an investable community asset providing real benefits, impacts, value, and return-on-investment (ROI). Our nonprofit Fundraising Services will help get your requests to the front of the funding line. Whether your organization is looking for full-time campaign counsel or one of our innovative funding tools to supplement your efforts.

Some people call us consultants. We don’t think so. Our role and goals are bigger than that. We work with you – day-to-day, in your office – as part of your team. Mainly to meet your nonprofit fundraising goals and fulfill your vision. Likewise, we’ll strive to exceed your funding expectations. We align your organization with your funders ‘ purpose. We achieve this by combining our knowledge in nonprofits, fundraising, and business. This builds your perceived value. In short,  more funding, more often. If you are looking for fundraising services, nonprofit consulting, or capital campaign consultants. Convergent Nonprofit Solutions is here for you!