Fundraising Academy

Fundraising Academy

11355 N Torrey Pines Rd La Jolla CA


Fundraising Academy Cause Selling Education prepares nonprofits and their fundraisers for greater, measurable impact by providing learning opportunities designed to enhance their cause, their communities, and the world.

Fundraising Academy Cause Selling Education helps nonprofits to significantly increase their fundraising capabilities and the impact they have in their communities and society through a proven contemporary curriculum presented by world-class nonprofit leaders, best in class faculty, and renowned philanthropists.

Our partners provide innovative programs in the Pre-K-12 and nonprofit sectors. These programs include Inspire Teaching & Learning, which provides Pre-K-12 research-based resources and on-demand online modules that support inspiring teaching; Harmony SEL, a social emotional learning program for Pre-K-6 boys and girls designed to foster intergender communication and understanding, connection, and community both in and outside the classroom; and Fundraising Academy Cause Selling Education, which helps support the preparation of nonprofit frontline fundraiser leaders to contribute to positive societal change.