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Infinite Giving

The investment platform for nonprofits. Invest reserve funds, create and manage endowments, and receive stocks easily! Infinite Giving software automates your investment strategy and grows your giving.

Receive Stock Donations:

Donating stock is one of the easiest and most tax-efficient ways donors can give. You should ask donors to gift stock because According to Fidelity Charitable, 80% of donors own appreciated assets, like stocks, mutual funds or bonds.  Donating stock is one of the easiest and most tax efficient way for donors to give. Nonprofits receiving stock in addition to cash increase fundraising contributions on average by 55%. So how does it work with Infinite Giving? Our platform provides you with a giving URL you can embed into your website, email, or giving campaign. Then donors easily deposit stocks directly into your account. You get an email notification of the gift so you can send a thank you. We automatically liquidate and invest your funds.

Easily Create Endowments:

With a few clicks, high wealth donors can give a donation that is invested to provide a percentage of the returns annually for decades to come. Donors get an immediate tax deduction and create a legacy of generational giving. All while nonprofits receive funds that help provide financial stability for years to come. We take care of the rest.

Infinite Giving automates best practices for all endowment gifts. We with limited restrictions, a 70/30 allocation of rebalanced, well-diversified portfolios of index funds, ETFs, quality bonds, and an annual 5% disbursement.