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KindKatch is an audience engagement solution that empowers a brand to capture audience attention and drive more conversions by achieving personalized marketing and storytelling at scale through a suite of content collection, curation, and sharing tools. Your brand’s story is happening all around you, and it’s time there was a tool to capture and share it. KindKatch empowers an organization to easily collect, curate, and share content bringing engagement to a higher level than ever before.

About the Founder

After working in nonprofit/social impact in the US and Australia, our Founder, Nicholas Kristock, moved back to Michigan in 2015 and started a nonprofit called Fleece & Thank You. Its mission is to provide every child in the hospital with a fleece blanket and a video message directly from the donor. Then, Nicholas created software to allow personal video messages to be exchanged between blanket makers and recipients. His idea caught the eyes of other organizations, which resulted in the spinoff of KindKatch.

After years of testing, KindKatch joined the market in late 2020. It’s goal- to make brand and user-generated content easier than ever before to capture, curate, and share.  For our founder and early customers, video at scale was a struggle. We like to think we have changed that.

KindKatch’s mobile app and desktop content collection workflow makes it easy.

As a result, we can capture video and picture content from your team or audience with ease. Capture moments you are missing and have it stored and categorized in one place. Video content can be shared from the KindKatch mobile app or desktop portal in seconds. Your audience doesn’t need to download an app to engage. We help you deliver it directly via text messages or email. People connect with stories and experiences. Your audience is expecting video to explain an idea, share an impact, showcase a product, or introduce them to a brand. Make this process easy with KindKatch.

At KindKatch, our values influence every decision we make. Our values hold us accountable to be the very best company we can be.

KindKatch offers various pricing levels, make sure to ask them about the nonprofit discount during your first demo or conversation.


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