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Our goal at Lasso Digital: To help nonprofits & government agencies achieve their missions by raising more funds and connecting with the right supporters.

From meeting the needs of older adults to spreading the word about mental health, nonprofits are changing lives. Your work is powerful. And you deserve the support of top-tier marketing & fundraising services to tell the world about it.

We’ve worked with organizations like yours for over ten years, so we know nonprofits aren’t like for-profit businesses. Your budgets might be small or restricted, you can’t wait months to get results, and the issues you’re working to solve might be sensitive.

We get it. We serve on the boards of nonprofits and have years of experience working with nonprofits as clients. Our CEO and Founding Partner have worked in-house at nonprofits in communications. Our Director of Fundraising has many years of in-house experience in fundraising and fund development at nonprofits. Our team is ready to be your partner in navigating the challenges of nonprofit marketing & fundraising.

But we don’t just understand your work; we also know the best ways to get your message to those who need to hear it. Every member of our team is an expert in their field. Whether we help you with a digital ad buy or an appeal letter, you can rest easy knowing that your work is in good hands.

When we say we value people over profits, we mean it. For our clients, this means that we don’t see you as a line item on our P&L. You’re a person that we’re excited to get to know and build a relationship with. We care about your life and your business, and want to make sure you feel that every time you work with us.

In fact, we have a rule here at Lasso – we never start a meeting (with clients or with our team) without a “catch up.” A “catch up” is where we ask “How are you doing?” and actually listen to your answer. We’ll ask you about your kid’s soccer game, how your home remodel is going, or how your weekend went. We start every meeting this way to set the right tone – yes, we’re talking business, but at the end of the day, we’re all people.

Trust is the cornerstone of everything we do. Here at Lasso, we start from a place of trust with everyone we work with. We hire great people and trust that they will do the job they said they would do.

For our clients, this means that if an invoice is paid late or another ball is dropped, we assume the best until we have a reason to believe otherwise. We know that things happen and trust that you’re as invested in our joint success as we are.

We’re here to be part of your team, committed to you and the mission you’re working towards.