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MemoryFox is a Veteran-owned company and we are proud to continue serving our country by supporting mission driven organizations of every shape and size in their storytelling efforts.

Our mission is to improve your organizational capacity and amplify your community impact by empowering you to tell better stories using powerful content collected from your community.

Initially we built this platform as a way for families to capture the life story of pre-dementia elderly patients before it was lost forever. Along the way, organizations kept asking us to use MemoryFox to capture stories and storytelling content from their community of donors, employees, volunteers and mission beneficiaries.

What we learned is that storytelling is not just about interviews – it’s about conveying moments, memories and wisdom. It is at the very core of cultures as large as a nation or as small as a brand new nonprofit. It is how histories are passed down, how customs are shared, and how traditions become endemic to a group. Shared culture is rooted in a shared tradition of communicating. The stories a group tells communicates what a culture values.

They also taught us that they had a lot of challenges trying to effectively tell their story! Collecting pictures and video from community members and grantees is like pulling teeth, and keeping content organized on a cloud drive was a massive pain as well! Pictures and videos over the years were hidden in the far corners of the share drive detached from the supporting text that provided context, and it was impossible to keep it all organized. Like most things in life, as time went on and turnover occurred share drives would get more and more difficult to maintain.

So that’s what we built – a platform that is specific to the challenges of marketing and donor development professionals who need to tell stories. We’ll help you collect great content easier than ever before, and we’ll help you keep that content organized in a way that your entire organization can leverage it.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you build community and tell amazing stories!