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Partnerships for Strategic Impact

Partnerships for Strategic Impact

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Partnerships for Strategic Impact

We coach, train, and support small- and medium-sized nonprofit (and those who fund them) in telling masterful impact stories. We provide live and recorded on-line trainings and workshops and custom one-on-one consultation and coaching. Check out our website for free, annotated Resource Directory, as well as a Peer Recommended Consultant Directory!

In 2010, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation released the Guide to Actionable Measurement, starting a worldwide conversation about focusing nonprofits on data collection which specifically informs decisions and action. Then, in 2016, several large funders got together and started a fund to focus on nonprofit client feedback (because they can’t vote with their wallets)!

We all also know that programming is most likely going to produce long-term benefits when it’s based in what’s already known to work.

Around this same time (but with much less national attention!) we were joining these ideas by moving away from traditional “program evaluation” towards resourcing nonprofits for telling masterful impact stories.

Thus, our 20-years of experience has resulted in our 3-step ImpactStory strategy that streamlines and simplifies everything that’s needed to tell powerful and actionable impact stories clearly, confidently, and convincingly. You’re in this job to make real change, not spend your days crunching numbers to prove it. We will inspire you to think differently about data, to capture your story, and find joy in telling it.

We partner with clients to demonstrate impact positioned for social justice, equity, and returning power to those who have been disenfranchised.