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Pond: Nonprofit Marketplace

Pond: Nonprofit Marketplace

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What is the Pond nonprofit marketplace?

The Pond nonprofit marketplace has all the tools and services a nonprofit needs to thrive. It’s free for any nonprofit to join and actually pays nonprofit leaders for engaging, helping to greatly defray the high costs of nonprofit software and services 

Finding the right solutions to nonprofit problems is a huge issue across the sector – Pond is building an amazing platform that’s badly needed and we’re so grateful our members get a jumpstart in building a credit balance to help make vital technology and services even more accessible. 

Any NonprofitHub member automatically gets $100 in their pond account when they join with our promo code Nonprofithub100!

About Pond

Pond is a small tech startup with a big heart. We are relentlessly focused on alleviating two of the biggest stressors for nonprofit leaders:  how to find the right tools and how to pay for them. Pond turns the traditional seller-focused marketplace upside down by centering nonprofit needs, taking work off their plate and then (drum-roll please…) paying nonprofit leaders for their time ($100 for each new connection with a provider)! We are creating a more human-centered sales environment — and both nonprofits and tech providers prefer our Pond to the Ocean.


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