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At RallyUp we help provide unforgettable fundraising experiences in 6 easy steps

RallyUp creates engaging, memorable fundraising experiences in just a few clicks. Here is how it works:

  1. Create your account: It all starts with a simple click. Create your login, select your organization, and you’ll automatically have full access to the entire platform. There are no hidden functionalities, no locked features, and no subscription fees.
  2. Build your fundraising experience: If you can dream it, we can help you make it happen. Create your ideal fundraising experience by selecting a single fundraising type or combining fundraiser types.
  3. Customize it: Name your fundraising event, upload images and logos, and choose colors and fonts to match your existing branding. You can even customize your automatic communication and information collection fields.
  4. Pick your pricing: We offer two pricing models. Most of our customers choose free pricing. This ensures that the money you raise is going where you need it most, not to fees and overhead. With free pricing, you’ll never be charged a dime. Instead, your donors will have the option to tip to cover the platform costs.
  5. Register your organization: Before you launch, you’ll register your organization. This simple process makes sure that your funds get to you as quickly and securely as possible.
  6. Launch your campaign! All you have to do to start raising money is click ‘publish’ to launch your campaign. After that, you can share, spread the word, and watch the donations roll in. If you need help along the way, our 24/7 support team is just a click away.
RallyUp can help with no sweat nonprofit fundraising simplified

Drastically lighten your fundraising load with a platform designed to get you funded, faster. Get started for free and run local fundraisers that inspire huge community support.

Whether you’re here to start a crowdfunding page or to run a raffle, we know that time is short, and the pressure is on. Mix and match fundraising components that attract community donors to your cause, in double-quick time.

Avoid fundraising sites that convince you that they’re free, then keep most of your donations. With us, free means free! From sign-up you never pay a cent, and all platform costs are optionally passed to your donors. Everyone wins!


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